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    MESP® Air Purifiers

    Eliminate 99% of PM & 99.99% of Pathogens with Washable Filters

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efficient. washable. energy-saving. both purify and sterilize.

Only particle removal or disinfection is not ENOUGH, Clients need a comprehensive IAQ solution.

MESP®, our state-of-the-art electronic air cleaning technology, that utilizes strong electric fields generated and carried by unique dielectric materials to purify the air. MESP IAQ products stand out for their efficiency, washable design, energy-saving capabilities, and the ability to simultaneously eliminate particulate matters and disinfect pathogens from indoor air.

Explore AirQuality Technology's diverse range of air purification products featuring the groundbreaking MESP® technology. Our offerings include the Portable Air Sterilizing Purifier tailored for residential and small commercial spaces, as well as the Air Conditioning Sterilizing Purifier (In-Duct Air Purifier) designed for large commercial environments. The MESP Air Purifiers represent a new era in electronic air purification, recognized for their superior performance in improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). With washable filters, these purifiers efficiently sterilize and purify the air, contributing to a healthier living and working environment.

Furthermore, the MESP Air Purifiers are engineered for optimal airflow, resulting in low air resistance within the system. This not only enhances overall efficiency but also leads to a significant reduction in energy consumption. Trust in MESP technology from AirQuality to deliver cutting-edge solutions that prioritize both air quality and energy conservation.

The Strengths of MESP® Tech

Kill Viruses & Bacteria

MESP® can efficiently kill 99.99% of viruses and 99.96% of bacteria with its strong electric field.

MESP To Fight COVID-19

High Efficiency

Differing from traditional media filters, the pressure drop is low with MESP filters because there is no need to force air through a matrix of small air passages. The physics makes its higher efficiency.

Washable Filter

The unique nano PP made filter is permanently washable and designed for more than 10 years lifespan. The total running cost should be much lower than traditional media-filter products.

Safe and Healthy

MESP filter works with about 1 µA of current at 6-10 kV, which can prevent from electric shock. Almost no ozone and any harmful byproducts. It releases negative ions beneficial to health while working.

High Usability

No worry about extreme change of humidity (up to 100%) and temperature (-15℃ to 50℃), our products will work properly all the time. MESP also has very good flame retardant properties.

Energy Saving

Low air pressure drop makes our products working with low power supply. Compared with the use of HEPA filters, the energy consumption of fans using MESP purifiers is 50% to 60%.

What's MESP?


MESP To Fight COVID-19

MESP IAQ Solution for Hospital

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