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  • Reduce the concentration of PM2.5 in the airport, so that the respirable particulate matter in the waiting room is ≤ 0.15mg/m³, to ensure the health of the personnel.
  • Reduce the number of bacteria and viruses in the waiting room ≤4000CFU/m³, to reduce the spread of epidemics.
  • Reduce the use of original consumable filters, easier maintenance, more friendly to the environment.
  • Reduce the air resistance of the purifier, thus reducing the energy consumption of air conditioning/ventilation system fan operation.
  • Remove a variety of odors, TVOC, formaldehyde and other pollutants generated by the renovation to achieve good standards.
  • Control air pollution caused by food and beverage production such as fumes, particulate matter, and odors;

Product selection

FAC: Intelligent Clean Air Purification System

Intelligent cleaning and purification unit specially developed for the large space ventilation system

PM Dust

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FAH: MESP AHU Air Purifier

FAH works as alternatives to media filters installed in AHU to remove the particles for indoor air powered by MESP tech. The filter is washable and reusable, resulting in low pressure drop and high efficiency efficacy.

particulate matters pathogens pollen mould formaldehyde

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FFC: MESP FCU Air Purifier

FFC is an innovative commercial air purification product, which is installed at the return air inlet of the fan coil, and automatically works with the fan coil to efficiently purify and sterilize the air through the MESP system.

particulate matters pathogens pollen mould formaldehyde

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FSA: MESP Ceiling Mounted Air Purifier

FSA is a member of MESP in-room air sterilizing purifiers designed for ceiling installation. Equipped with built-in high-efficiency fans, it facilitates air circulation, filters airborne particles and effectively eliminate various pathogens in the air through the washable MESP system.

particulate matters pathogens pollen mould

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FKE: ESP Kitchen Exhaust Purifiers

FKE with ESP technology are designed to extract harmful particulates and odor from the kitchen fume so that the released kitchen exhaust is environmentally friendly and pollutant-free.

odor odor odor odor odor

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FKF: Activated Carbon Box

Can be installed with ESP Kitchen Exhaust Purifier to high efficiently remove odar and TVOC.


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Case Study

Beijing international Airport Catering Air Purfication project Project

XianYang international Airport Air Purfication Project