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PSA: Wall Mounted Sterilizer and Deodorizer

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PSA wall mounted sterilizer and deodorizer adopts Micro Plasma technology, with built-in large air flow DC motor, which can be used independently and has a luxurious appearance. It provides multi level control modes, and is equipped with catalytic module to achieve strong deodorization, the device can work when it is close to the people without any harmful impacts. The nanosecond purification speed quickly removes harmful gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide with high concentration in large spaces, and kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. that breed in humid environments, this effectively solve the odor problem in toilets and other places, it improves the image of enterprises and cities.

Micro-plasma Principle
Micro-plasma Principle

Product Features

Application Scenario

Indoor sterilization and deodorization for garbage disposal rooms, public restrooms, oil separation tanks in dining areas, sewage treatment rooms, sewage pump rooms in commercial complexes, office buildings, hotels, transportation, healthcare, and schools, as well as indoor living spaces, pet rooms, locker room, etc.