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MESP Portable Air Sterilizing Purifier With Washable Filter KJ750

  • single-product
  • single-product

KJ series MESP Portable Air Sterilizing Purifiers with micro-electrostatic precipitating technology (MESP®) work as astand-alone and real no consumables device (washable filter) to effectively eliminate air pollutants, including 99+% of airborne particulates, 99.9+% of bacteria, 99.99+% of viruses, pollen, allergen, and other harmful matters in the indoor air. MESP tech has been proven to efficiently disinfect and remove COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2). This product could be best IAQ solution for various places including home, office, hospitals, etc.

Product Features

  • Efficient removal of PM2.5, virus, bacteria, pollen, allergen, and other pollutants
  • Kill 99.99%+ of viruses and 99.96% of bacteria, remove 99.9% of airborne particulates
  • Washable filter with 10 years design life, no need to replace
  • Immediately use after washing filter
  • Release negative ions to make the air fresher and healthier
  • Safe and able to work around people
  • Low noise, low energy consumption
  • Surface design of front panel expands air volume and makes better air circulation
  • Built-in particle sensor and smart control function
  • Magnetic buckle panel, easy to disassemble, assemble and clean
  • Product Specification

    • Model Number: KJ750F-01A
    • Application: Home, Office, Clinic, etc.
    • Technology: Micro-electrostatic (MESP)
    • Power (W): 65
    • Voltage (V): 220
    • Capacity (CFM): 441
    • CADR(m³/h): 720
    • Area of use(㎡): 50-86
    • Viruses Kill Rate: 99.99%+
    • Bacteria Kill Rate: 99.96%
    • Particle removal Rate: 99.9%
    • Minimum removable particle size: 0.01μm