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FUV-K: High Efficiency UV Light

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Product Features

Efficient deodorizing lamp
It is resistant to high temperature, corrosion and high light transmission, with a service life of about 9000H.

Dual-band UV
The high light of 185nm wavelength can break the molecular bonds of odors and peculiar smell, and the wavelength of 253.7nm will oxidize and decompose odors and peculiar smell. The odor removal rate is as high as 90%.

U-shaped drawing structure
U-shaped pull-out tube design makes the equipment lighter, smaller, and less easily broken. The distance between the lamps is less than 100mm, and the ultraviolet radiation intensity is high, which can help to remove odors and peculiar smells evenly.

Humanized design
The start/stop switch and the running indicator are convenient for customers to understand the operating status, and the nested double door is easier to maintain.