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FKE-UV-G: Electrostatic Photolysis Integrated Oil Fume Purifier

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Product Description

A very innovative product design that combines ESP and UV, handles oil fumes and odor at the same time, and its compact size saves more space.. Moreover, it can optionally equipped with rear activated carbon plates, become an electrostatic + UV +activated carbon all-in-one machine

Product Features

  • Double purification: Electrostatic filtration + UV photolysis integrated design, oil fume and odor treatment functions are combined into one, meeting the requirements of national standards and various local standards.
  • Intelligent operation: Equipped with electrostatic + UV dual operation and maintenance indicators, the working status is displayed in real time, and the whole machine is capable of linkage control with the fan.
  • Safe and reliable: The key components of the UV lamps are integrated, has water proof and dust proof design.
  • Humanized design: Modular combination, air flow can be freely expanded. Quick combination can be achieved through the flange and the rear air treatment carbon unit FKF. Anti-UV paint, electrostatic spraying, and sealing strips ensure sun, rain, corrosion, and rust protection when used outdoors.
  • Odor removal lamp: Imported brand high boron quartz glass lamp with a service life of more than 12000 hrs. The surface of the lamp tube has a protective coating, which is not only resistant to high temperatures and corrosion, but also has high light transmittance and high photoelectric conversion rate.
  • UVC: The UV light with wave length in 185 and 253.8nm can break the molecular bonds of odors. The ozone generated by activation ofUV light with 185nm wavelength will oxidize and decompose odors and effectively degrade odors.
  • I-type pull-out structure: The lamp tubes are arranged vertically to reduce the maintenance space. The light box has its own handle, making it easy to pull out and maintain. The light box adopts a seamless combination made to ensure that there are no purification blind spots inside the equipment and ensure purification efficiency.
  • Quality assurance: Adopting American imported Light-Sources high-power UV lamp tubes, with high odor removal rate, SIEMENS indicator light, which can clearly indicate under strong light; And some parts with UL certification ensure better equipment quality.