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FEU: Ecology Unit (Pollution Control Unit)

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Product Description

Air quality is a concern across the world. Right from North to South & East to West and everywhere in between, more and more commercial kitchens are installing ecology units or PCUs. Sometimes it is voluntary but PCUs are now being made mandatory by a growing number of local and regional authorities. An Ecology Unit or PCU is a filtration unit which removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) namely oil, grease, smoke, sooth and odor from kitchen extract systems. This purification can be achieved by using either mechanical filtration (such as pre filter, bag filter, HEPA filter, etc.), electronic filtration (Electrostatic Precipitator) or a combination of both, followed by odour control filters (such as carbon filters, UV lights, etc.) and finally concluding with the fan section.

Product Features

  • Modular design and flexible selection.
  • Construction of double layer steel with ceramic fibre or polyurethane inside.
  • Electrostatic precipitator with wireless charging technology ensures no arcing which brings great safety and high efficiency.
  • Electrostatic precipitator with optional auto cleaning reduce maintenance cost.
  • Electrostatic precipitator cells with fast dry technology.
  • Automatic fan regulation keeps constant air flow rate even system pressure drop is increased.
  • Filter states monitoring and remote displaying on touch screen.


  • Washable Metallic Pre-Filter (Optional)
  • Disposable Panel Pre-Filter Electrostatic Precipitator ESP (UL Listed/Optional)
  • Rigid Bag Filters (F8 Class) Pocket Bag Filters (F7/F8/F9 Class)
  • HEPA Filters (H13 Class)
  • Tray Type Carbon Filter - V-Bank Arrangement
  • Canister Type Carbon Filter
  • V-type Pleated Rigid Carbon Filters
  • High Efficiency UV Deodorizing Lamps
  • Centrifugal DIDW Belt Driven
  • Centrifugal SISW Belt Driven UI 762 Fan (Optional)
  • Centrifugal Direct Driven Smoke Fan With Fire Rating Of 4000c /2Hours&Local Civil Defence Approval (Optional)
  • Double Skin Unit Casing