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FAD: Air Duct MESP Sterilizing Purifier

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Product Features

• High-efficiently kill viruses and bacteria (one-time microorganism killing rate is 94.2%)
• High-efficiently remove airborne particulates (one-time PM2.5 removal rate is 95.4%)
• Low efficiency loss with high speed air flow
• Fit in running environment of high humidity
• Run with safer and more stable performance
• More option for different air volume
• Excellent one-pass particle removal rate
• Repeatedly washable filter without material consumption
• Can use instantly after wash
• Low energy consumption with airflow switch
• Flat module for easy installation

* Remark:
① ② Report from Naitonal Center of Quality Supervision and Inspection and Testing for Air Conditioning Equipment.

MESP Air Sterilizing Purifier could be the best air purification soluton for Coronavirus. 99.99% efficacy of SARS-CoV-2(the virus that causes COVID-19) disinfection was observed in the test report by independent research laboratory in the United States.

MESP To Fight COVID-19