• Powerful and Sustainable

    MESP® Air Sterilizing Purifier

    Eliminate 99% of PM & 99.99% of Pathogens with Washable Filters

MESP Air Purification Tech

MESP®, our state-of-the-art electronic air cleaning technology, that utilizes strong electric fields generated and carried by unique dielectric materials to purify the air. MESP IAQ products stand out for their efficiency, washable design, energy-saving capabilities, and the ability to simultaneously eliminate particulate matters and disinfect pathogens from indoor air.


Explore AirQuality Technology's diverse range of air purification products featuring the groundbreaking MESP® technology, recognized for their superior performance in improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). With washable filters, these purifiers efficiently sterilize and purify the air, contributing to a healthier living and working environment.

Explore MESP® Product Lines

MESP® In-duct air purifiers

MESP® In-Duct Air Sterilizing Purifiers are engineered for central air sterilization purification. This process involves using the systematic airflow made by air conditioning or ventilation systems to effectively eliminate particles, pollen, bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants, ensuring optimal air quality. These products are efficient, space-saving, quiet, and deliver a superior user experience.

Various models of MESP® In-Duct Air Sterilizing Purifiers have been designed for compatibility with air handling units, fan coil units, and air ducts, providing versatile solutions for different applications.

MESP® In-room air purifiers

MESP® In-Room Air Sterilizing Purifiers can operate independently for indoor air purification. They have built-in high-efficiency fans to form air circulation in the space, filter particles in the air through the MESP system, and inactivate various pathogens carried therein.

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