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FKE-K: Kitchen Exhaust Purifier

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Product Description

AirQuality Kitchen Exhaust System with ESP technology are designed to extract harmful particulates and odor from the kitchen fume so that the released kitchen exhaust is environmentally friendly and pollutant-free. We use a two-stage process known as ESP (Electrostatic Precipitator), which involves electrically charging the particulate in oil and mist stream and then collecting it onto the charged cell. FKE-K series comply to ASHARE 52.2 standard.

Product Features

Catering fume purifier
Two-stage plate sawtooth ionization technology, purification efficiency can be as high as 97% One chip.

Smart operation
PWM intelligent power supply, work/maintenance/- fault indicator light for users to understand the status, RS485 signal transmission, convenient background management.

Installation regardless of left or right
The direction of the entrance and exit can be adjusted according to the needs of the site, and the on-site construction and installation are convenient.

Humanized design
Modular combination, nested double-opening door, easy to maintain, anti-UV paint, electrostatic spraying process, to ensure the equipment anti-corrosion and anti-rust.