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FAH: AHU MESP Air Sterilizing Purifier

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No more bag filter in AHU, use our FAH.

In the past, air handle units mainly used media filters to purify the air, such as bag filters and HEPA filters. Now FAH series MESP Air Sterilizing Purifier For Air Handling Unit is a better choice. It solves the various shortcomings of traditional media filters, such as:

  • Need to replace thus a high long-term maintenance cost
  • The pressure drop is high, resulting in high energy consumption
  • Can only remove particulates and cannot sterilize the air
  • FAH’s dust collection module can be washed and reused for more than 10 years. It can efficiently remove particulate matter, and powerfully eliminate viruses(including Sars-COV-2), germs and other harmful microorganisms. It has very low pressure drop so leads to low power consumption. FAH brings safer and cleaner air for people by working with air handling units all around the world.

    MESP Air Sterilizing Purifier could be the best air purification soluton for Coronavirus. 99.99% efficacy of SARS-CoV-2(the virus that causes COVID-19) disinfection was observed in the test report by independent research laboratory in the United States.

    MESP To Fight COVID-19

    Product Features

    • High-efficiently remove airborne particles (MERV 14)
    • 96% One-time purification efficiency of particulate matters
    • 99.99% reduction of Sars-Cov-2 (COVID-19) virus and 95% reduction of microorganism
    • No material consumption, the filter is washable and resuable
    • Low pressure drop thus low energy consumption
    • Perfectly replace traditional bag filter section of AHU
    • Protect the AHU and prevent the air-conditioning system from being dirty and clogged to affect the cooling and heating effect
    • PRAX intelligent power module stabilizes voltage output and ensures maximum purification efficiency
    • Multiple control boxes and junction boxes are optional
    • Flexible installation: installation in air duct is acceptable
    • Certification: UL, CE, CB, RoHS

    * Remark:
    ① Report from LMS & AFTL
    ②④ Report from Naitonal Center of Quality Supervision and Inspection and Testing for Air Conditioning Equipment
    ③ Report from Innovative Bioanalysis, Inc. in California, US.