NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: AMG 4.2 Smart Air Quality Monitor

🗓️ Nov 15th, 2023 | Fon ZHOU


This is a new product to monitor and display the PM concentration and purification efficiency, and provide low efficiency or filter cleaning alarm.

The AMG4.2 air quality monitoring system consists of an air quality monitor and two PM sensors.


  • Industrial grade particulate matter sensor with high measurement accuracy and cost-effectiveness
  • Low temperature resistance (-20~+60 C ) andhigh humidity resistance (s 95%), suitable for various working conditions
  • RS485, Modbus, and wired connection make data transmission more convenient.
  • Combined with an air quality monitor, it can quickly, intuitively and continuously monitor the purification effect of PM2.5/PM10.
  • Moreover, PM sensors can be installed and connected at both the front and rear of the air purification equipment, and thresholds can be set to monitor and issue low efficiency or filter cleaning alarm when the purification efficiency drops to a preset value.
  • If you want to request more info, please don’t hesitate to contact your sales representative in AQT, or directly send e-mail with your query to More info can also be found on our website:


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