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Wuhan Huangpi People's Central Hospital Air Disinfection and Purification Project By AQT

International Sales Engineer

Updated Mar 28th, 2023

Project Introduction

Huangpi District People's Hospital (central hospital area) is located in Wuhan City, with a total investment of 2.795 billion RMB (414M USD), a construction period of 17 months, and 1200 beds, including 1000 beds converted from epidemic control and 200 beds for infectious diseases. The hospital is composed of emergency, outpatient, inpatient, security system and other basic rooms, as well as administrative management, scientific research and laboratory. After completion, it will become a modern comprehensive hospital which will benefit the general public.

On December 2022, The central hospital area was completed. It is reported that the total building area of the central area is 240,000 m2. The main buildings of the project are composed of 5-storey outpatient medical building, 16-storey inpatient building, 4-storey administrative office building, 7-storey infectious building, 6-storey on-duty apartment building, and a basement. The construction of the project will further enrich the regional medical resources and improve the ability of Huangpi District to respond to major public health emergencies.

Air Cleaning Technical Scheme

GB51039-2014 is a Code for Design of General Hospital Buildings. It has the following requirements for the central AC system and fan coil units: "The return air inlet of the central AC system and fan coil unit must be equipped with filtration equipment, of which the initial resistance should be less than 50Pa, a one-time microbial pass rate of not more than 10% and a one-time particle pass rate of not more than 5%."

On July 2020, the National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China issued WS 696-2020 Hygienic Code for the Operation and Management of Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems in Offices and Public Places during the COVID-19, which stipulates that it is required to use high-efficiency filtration devices or install effective disinfection devices in the return air (pipeline) or air handling units.

The newly built People's Hospital of Huangpi District (Central Hospital Area) during the epidemic is particularly concerned about the air quality inside the hospital building, to prevent the cross infection of bacteria and viruses in the hospital, and ensure the safety of medical care staff and patients, it has chosen the brand of AirQuality after careful selection. As a result, more than 3000 AC return outlets in the hospital were installed with AirQuality FFC MESP electrostatic air disinfector, and AirQuality FAH electrostatic air disinfectors were also installed in the air handling units and some fresh air ducts to create a healthy air medical environment.

AirQuality micro-electrostatic MESP technology can collect bacteria, microorganisms, etc. attached to particles and kill them in a strong electric field, which ensures the efficient removal of PM2.5 while also having efficient sterilization and disinfection effect*. It makes the hospital safer, effectively reduce the risk of indoor bacterial cross-infection.

Brand Introduction

Founded in 2011, AirQuality Technology (AQT) is now a leading air clean technology innovator and manufacturer originated in Spain and currently headquartered in Shanghai, PRC. The company ranks as one of the top 10 air purification brands in China and was named Top 25 APAC Cleantech Company in 2019 and Top 100 Global Cleantech Company in 2022. AQT values gratitude, excellence, and innovation, and continually works to provide healthy air for clients around the world. Designed to be environmentally friendly, AQT’s products are used in an array of markets including residential buildings, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, and municipal facilities. To date, the company has received more than 50 patents and completed more than 10,000 projects. AQT aims to bring the best air quality to people all around the world.


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